Teamsters Appealing to Gov. Beebe to Save ABF Jobs in NLR

by Marty Cook  on Friday, May. 23, 2014 3:11 pm  

ABF's North Little Rock facility and Teamsters Local 878 "are synonymous," Local President Tim Nichols said.

"The number of employees is subject to change at this point," Nichols said. "The indications are we will retain 25-40 jobs in North Little Rock."

Nichols said his members are "scared and upset" about the possible loss of hub operations.

Nichols acknowledged that there is not much the union can do to prevent the move either on the local or international level. While the incentive offered could be attractive, Nichols said the move would be primarily logistical in order to get ABF Freight a bigger presence in Memphis and its proximity to interstates, railroads and the Mississippi River.

Nichols said he has also reached out to North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith and will discuss with the governor the idea of coming up with an incentive plan to entice ABF Freight to stay.

"We have a very slim chance," Nichols said. "All we can do is try to level the tax situation for the company so we’re even with Shelby County."



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