API Launches Oil, Gas Jobs Site

by Lee Hogan  on Thursday, Jun. 12, 2014 11:02 am  

The American Petroleum Institute launched a website Thursday to help pair workers and potential workers with job, education, training and certification opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

With the expansion of energy production in the United States and a large pool of workers nearing retirement age, the American Petroleum Institute has created a website to link workers and potential workers with jobs, education, training and certification opportunities.

The website, OilGasWorkforce.com, officially launched Thursday with information in both English and Spanish, and nearly 1,000 links.

"Our goal was to create a web resource that would span the reach of our industry to help us keep pace with our industry's ever-growing need for talent," John Modine, API vice president of global industry services, said in a conference call Thursday morning.

Industry insiders predict the U.S. will soon pass Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer. That, paired with an aging industry workforce, means the industry is expecting more than one million job opportunities by 2030, Modine said.

"The bottom line is in order to retain America's status as a global energy leader, we will need an all-hands-on-deck approach in recruitment and retention in the next generation of oil and gas workers," he said. "That's the fundamental goal of [the website]."

API plans to target veteran groups, labor unions, minorities, and colleges and universities to fill these new jobs.

According to Modine, 63 percent of the jobs will fall in the category of "skilled, semi-skilled and blue collar" while another 23 percent will be engineering, management, business and finance, and geo-science positions.

The website will allow both workers and potential workers to search job listings from drilling and oil companies and manufacturers, browse education opportunities by type, name of institute or state, learn how to become certified in certain specialties and which organizations provide the certifications, and browse training opportunities by organizations or types of training.



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