Noble Impact Introduces Entrepreneurship Program to eStem Third Graders

by Mark Carter  on Friday, Jun. 13, 2014 11:23 am  

Mandy Ellis, a third grade teacher at eStem Public Charter Schools in Little Rock, practices a model pitch to her students participating in the Noble Impact program.

"With another year under our belt to implement the curriculum, and taking the best practices that we've learned in our first year at eStem, we want to create that professional development," he said.

Meanwhile, parents seem to be on board to this new approach, Ellis said.

"In the days following my students' final pitches, I received extremely positive feedback from parents," she said. "One mom said that she was drawn in and became emotional during several of the group's pitches. One of the tenets of Noble Impact is to affect your listeners with a compelling story. Our students did just that. Quite a few parents praised the program for boosting their children's confidence and pride in a job well done."

The extension of the program to the third grade at eStem, from Williamson's perspective, was a big win. He sees the program as introducing the tenets of entrepreneurship (not a bad thing in a free market society), promoting social responsibility and ultimately, providing tools to thrive later in life whether a student engages entrepreneurship or not.   

"Third graders are able to voice their ideas, and want their voices heard, just as much as a high school student," he said. "Whether it's a third grade or 12th grade curriculum, you can develop an idea to that cognitive level."



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