Bolt Sentencing Could Hinge on ‘Extraordinarily Lengthy Criminal History'

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Jun. 23, 2014 12:00 am  

Mug shots from 1981 and 2013 illustrate Jim Bolt’s criminal history, which U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks described as “extraordinarily lengthy.”

Last Monday, the first business day after Brooks gave notice of his hard-line predisposition, Bolt and attorney Miller filed a motion to have the sentencing delayed.

Bolt, who has been complaining about his health for the 10 months that he’s been jailed, first in Benton County and currently in Washington County, “has just been diagnosed” with COPD and needs testing for that and may need a “neuropsychiatric examination which may impact any sentencing,” the motion said.

What’s more, Bolt hasn’t gotten a response to a Freedom of Information Act request concerning “individuals suspected to be undercover FBI agents, that may or may not have been involved in the conduct charged.”

Brooks immediately denied the motion for a delay in sentencing.

Curiously, one of Bolt’s FOIA requests concerns one Leah Cleveland. It’s hard to tell from the ambiguous wording of the motion whether Bolt thinks she may have been an FBI operative, but this is clear: Her name and signature, as comptroller-treasurer of Situs Cancer Research Center, were all over the phony documents he used to fraudulently claim unclaimed property in California and Nevada.

Federal prosecutors, on the other hand, say the FBI “has never been able to locate or verify [Cleveland] as an actual person” and believes she was “a fictitious person ‘made up’ by the defendant.”

Maybe she’ll show up for his sentencing.



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