Fayetteville's CrossFleet Launches Mobile App for Field Service Industries

by Mark Carter  on Wednesday, Jun. 25, 2014 8:01 am  

CrossFleet, the Fayetteville startup that launched the LOCATE tracking app for the trucking industry in 2012, has turned its attention to field service industries.

CrossFleet co-founder and CEO Clint Elcan had always believed his firm's tracking software could be adapted beyond the trucking industry, and customer demand prompted the launch this spring of workCITE.

While LOCATE allows a shipper to track the status of a shipment using data from a truck driver’s mobile phone, workCITE allows businesses to track things like job scheduling, time cards and proof of work.

Elcan said the workCITE field service iPhone app serves the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, facility management, electronics, cabling, painting, pool and spa, cleaning, pest control, lawn and landscape, and even the "handyman" industries.

"Last year, we had a company come to us and say, 'We love what you've built with LOCATE and tracking loads and truck drivers; can you do something similar in our industry with work orders and field technicians?,' and workCITE was born," Elcan said. "With expertise in building geolocation based mobile apps and services, we created workCITE by putting a new body on the existing engine to serve the field service industry."

The new app recently went live in the iTunes and Google Play stores and has gotten hundreds of downloads, Elcan said. Meanwhile, the LOCATE app continues to draw customers in the trucking industry.

Both Elcan and CrossFleet co-founder Jeremy Williams are former J.B. Hunt employees, and LOCATE was a natural extension of their expertise. So far, the expansion of their platform to field service industries has been a successful one.

"Whether it's a service contractor with two or 200 field technicians, we've had overwhelmingly positive feedback," Elcan said. "A client with 14 technicians told us that workCITE is saving them over $50,000 a year. The consistent theme is always the ease of use and simplicity of the mobile app for job scheduling and technician communication."

Elcan said office staff using workCITE can benefit from simple scheduling and dispatching, documented "in" and "out" times to prove work, and from real-time mapping of technician locations. He said techs can use the app as a mobile time clock, as handheld access to work order details, and as optimized routing to the next job.

"As a company that creates mobile solutions for mobile workers, we'll continue to develop enterprise software for industries looking to leverage smartphone and tablet capability in the field to do business better," Elcan said.

A recent study by University of Arkansas industrial engineering students showed the workCITE app saving office staff and technicians over an hour a day and generating a return-on-investment of up to 800 percent.

"Our business is expanding rapidly with much of the revenue growth coming from existing clients promoting workCITE to their peers and contractor network," Elcan said. "Our staff has more than doubled since last year and we will continue to serve our loyal customers with innovative features and great service."

CrossFleet is an Innovate Arkansas and Arkansas Science & Technology Authority firm.



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