Trail Boosts Springdale's Downtown Effort

by Marty Cook  on Monday, Jun. 30, 2014 12:00 am  

“I really don’t think this can be stopped at this point,” Clifford said. “It has such momentum that everybody is talking about it, in the civic clubs, in the churches.”

Eads said it’s important that the city and private industry have teamed up. Eads said he has heard from other investors who have expressed interest in joining in as the projects gets rolling.

Taldo said he doesn’t know exactly what he plans to do with the Watson Furniture Building once he acquires it. He said he’s not buying it with the expectation of “making big piles of money,” but the building does mean a lot to him and his family. Taldo said he probably would have pursued buying the building even if the rest of downtown Springdale wasn’t the focus of an organized revitalization. The fact that the rest of downtown will be getting some special attention helps him sleep better at night.

“My brothers and sister are tickled to death,” Taldo said. “It’ll be an anchor for my kids and grandkids, and their connection to the downtown area. It makes me a lot more excited about it, rather than it just being a real estate investment. It adds a spark to it.”



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