Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care Teams With Aledade To Arm, Reward Docs

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Jul. 14, 2014 12:00 am  

But primary care doctors are not forbidden to recommend efficient operators to their patients. In fact, they are being encouraged to do just that, especially under Aledade’s business plan.

Aledade ACO members will be provided with detailed data on specialists in their geographic area so that they can see whether they are referring to high-dollar operators. If so, they can either change their referral patterns or encourage high-dollar operators to adopt common sense cost-saving habits in order to keep the referrals flowing, and the ACO members will get a piece of the total savings that the organization manages to squeeze out of the system.

“These providers need to be asking themselves if they are on the right side of history,” Mostashari said.

Big Data

Aledade is marketing itself as a way to achieve the two things that Mostashari said primary care physicians desire most: better patient care and respect for the front-line doctors who touch more patients and yet are generally paid less than the specialists they refer to.

There are disadvantages and pitfalls to placing the burden of success squarely on the shoulders of PCPs, he said, including the chance that the doctors won’t actually make use of the data Aledade compiles because they aren’t fully committed to the kind of change that is necessary. Setting up an ACO, especially one that will provide its members with a steady flow of updated data on the treatment, is an expensive proposition that will depend on the diligence of those members to be viable.

Aledade Arkansas will be set up as a limited liability company with a 12-member board made up of nine physicians, a physical therapist and two Aledade managers.

The program will be administered in Arkansas by AFMC, the Little Rock nonprofit headed by Ray Hanley that worked with Mostashari and some of his colleagues in the Aledade startup to help 1,600 Arkansas doctors get set up on electronic medical records.

“Arkansas was an incredibly strong player,” Mat Kendall, co-founder of Aledade, said, because physicians in Arkansas already know and trust AFMC.

AFMC will be paid by Aladade, of course, but Hanley said he preferred the word “partner” to “vendor.” Working with the ACO “has the position to meet our mission very, very well,” he said.



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