Maverick USA Ditches Waiting Period for Driver Bonuses

by Marty Cook  on Thursday, Jul. 17, 2014 3:39 pm  

Maverick USA of North Little Rock

Maverick USA Inc. of North Little Rock announced Wednesday that it will make performance bonuses available to all drivers without a waiting period.

In June, Maverick said it was raising pay 2 cents a mile across the board for its drivers, who are primarily flatbed drivers who require specialized safety training.

The latest pay raise is in Maverick’s pay for performance bonuses, which kicked in after a driver had been on the job several months. New drivers will now automatically qualify for the bonus, which ranges from 2-4 cents a mile depending on the driver’s previous experience.

The bonus pay would raise starting wages for Maverick drivers to between 35-53 cents a mile. Maverick also said drivers fresh from driving school would be eligible for pay raises several times during their first year.

"Most, if not all, tenured Maverick drivers are reaping the financial rewards of the PFP program," said Brad Vaughn, Maverick’s director of recruiting. "This basically bridges the gap between when a new driver is hired and when he/she becomes eligible to participate in Maverick’s PFP program."

Maverick reported revenue of $315 million in 2013, a 10 percent increase from the previous year. It is the second-largest private transportation company in Arkansas.



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