Three More Restaurants Raise Bar on List of Mixed Drink Sales

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Jul. 21, 2014 12:00 am  

Local Lime did a booming business in mixed drink sales last year. | (Photo by Meagan Edmunds)

Whispers has an update to last week’s report on mixed drink sales at Little Rock restaurants.

We reported 2013 mixed drink sales for the 10 Little Rock restaurants that met two criteria: served mixed drinks and were near the top in food sales. We knew that we might miss some restaurants that do a booming business in mixed drinks but aren’t at the very top in food sales. And we did. Miss a few.

So here are mixed drink sales in 2013 for three other Little Rock establishments. They dwarf those of Chuy’s, which last week was No. 1 on our list with $394,455 in sales even though it was open only eight months of last year:

  • Local Lime, $762,883.
  • The Capital Hotel (Ashley’s and the Capital Grill combined), $568,872.
  • Cajun’s Wharf, $555,439.

That’s a lot of margaritas, Scotch and sodas and Play-de-dos.



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