Junior League Starts Work on Nonprofit Center

by Lee Hogan  on Wednesday, Jul. 23, 2014 8:30 am  

The Junior League of Little Rock has started work on a nonprofit center that it hopes will help several up-and-coming nonprofits.

Renovations to the third floor of the Junior League's Scott Street location began last week. By next year, it is expected to be a 3,158-SF space open to various nonprofits. The floor will include seven offices, a conference room, resource center and restrooms.

"We hope it helps immensely in a place to foster ideas in the collaborative spirit, but we want them to outgrow it," Lindsey Gray, president of the Junior League, said. "In the meantime, they will have a chance to have a lower rent, shared equipment, board room and workspace, things they couldn't have on their own."

Nonprofits will be able to rent space in the center a price below market value. The exact cost will be determined by the square foot at the time of the signed lease agreement. The nonprofit center's seven offices will include four offices with two desks, two offices with three desks and one office with one desk.

Nonprofits interested in renting out space will be able to apply from October to November. Organizations will need to meet various criteria when applying, including proof of 501(c)(3) status, a mission or vision statement, copy of a strategic plan, internal controls and an operational budget, among other things.

Gray says there are no restrictions on types of nonprofits that can apply, although those with a mission similar to the Junior League may be favored.

In December, a 14-person advisory council — chaired by Mary-Margaret Marks — will make the final determination of the first tenants. The nonprofit center is expected to open in February.

The $350,000 project is being completed by Baldwin & Shell Construction Co

Arkansas Business' media partner, THV 11, was there for the beginning of construction work last week. Check out the video below.



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