Aurora Digital Signage Partners with Verizon for Internet Coverage

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014 1:36 pm  

Brent Robinson

Aurora Digital Signage of Fayetteville has teamed with Verizon to provide its customers with secure Internet access and enable them to make remote updates.

Aurora provides digital signage to business entities such as the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock. Aurora CEO Brent Robinson, a 2014 Arkansas Business 40 Under 40 honoree, said some clients may have security protocol concerns or lack an Internet connection within their locations that feature digital signage.

The partnership with Verizon will enable those clients to use the Verizon Wireless network to power their digital signage and eliminate the need to run internal cables, he said. 

"Verizon's high speed 4G LTE wireless network allows our digital signs to display content in real-time, without having to utilize an organization’s in-house Internet," Robinson said. "That's critical in industries with high levels of security concerns such as financial institutions and health-care facilities."

The Verizon partnership also will allow Aurora customers to update their digital signage remotely from a computer or tablet. Robinson said Aurora's digital signage at the Museum of Discovery, for example, can be personalized with a digital "welcome" message to large groups and families entering the reception area.

Plus, the museum can advertise its gift shop and add to the overall interactive environment while reducing the number of questions at the museum's reception desk, he said.

"Digital signage is becoming increasingly useful in businesses of all kinds and the capability of making changes remotely adds to the convenience of this communication tool," said Kristi Crum, president of Verizon's South Central Region headquartered in Little Rock, in a news release.

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