Health Law Factors into Governor's, Senate Races in Arkansas
Mike Ross has been running on keeping Arkansas' private option. "As a Christian, I think it's the right thing to do and I'm going to do my best as governor to continue to fund it," he says.

Health Law Factors into Governor's, Senate Races in Arkansas

Running in the two hottest races in Arkansas this fall, Mark Pryor and Mike Ross find themselves under attack on the health care reform law and attempting to navigate around it as they struggle to prevent a complete Republican takeover of the state's top offices.
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In Lee County, Judge Hears Details of Turner Grain, Related Companies

A Lee County Circuit judge excuses a Dumas company from a blanket order issued last week in an attempt to preserve assets claimed by farmers who did business with Turner Grain Merchandising Inc. of Brinkley.
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Armed and Dangerous in Ferguson (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

Armed and Dangerous in Ferguson (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

The tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri have raised important questions about the role of a militarized local police in our communities. The resources on display in that small Missouri town exist in many communities across the country, and shedding light on them is both necessary and justified.
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The Debate Over 'Partisan Polling' (Robert Coon On Politics)

The Debate Over 'Partisan Polling' (Robert Coon On Politics)

As the number of polls being released continues to rise, so have the number of critics crying foul over the assumed biases of so-called “partisan polling." Can partisan polls be trusted, or are they just tools used to push an agenda?
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Should central Arkansas leaders invest more in bike-friendly infrastructure?

The List Largest Chambers of Commerce

Arkansas Chambers of Commerce list ranked by numbers of members. Also includes market area, budgeted annual revenue, year founded, director, president or CEO, website, and contact info.

Rank Name Number of Member Accounts (not total number of individual representatives) Year Founded
1 Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce 2,282 1866
2 Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce 2,157 1922
3 North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce 1,600 1946
4 Conway Area Chamber of Commerce 1,304 1891
5 Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce 1,300 1928

Executive Q&A

Baptist Health CEO Troy Wells on Best & Worst of Obamacare

Troy Wells has been the president and CEO of Baptist Health of Little Rock since July.