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Hutchinson Straddles Issue with Unsigned Law (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)
Asa Hutchinson

Hutchinson Straddles Issue with Unsigned Law (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

By letting a measure become law without his signature to prohibit local governments from expanding anti-discrimination protections, Gov. Asa Hutchinson is straddling the debate over a proposal being cast as endorsing bias against gays and lesbians.
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Arkansas Justices Seek Higher Raises for Supreme Court

Two members of the Arkansas Supreme Court on Monday urged a panel reviewing salaries for elected officials to give justices a bigger pay raise than initially recommended, saying the change is needed to ensure top candidates run for the state's highest court.
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Arkansas House Supports Guns on Campus Bill

Arkansas universities couldn't prevent faculty or staff from bringing concealed firearms to class under a proposal supported by House members.
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Asa Hutchinson Taps Johnny Key as Next Education Commissioner

Gov. Asa Hutchinson nominates former state Sen. Johnny Key to serve as the new Commissioner of Education and the administrative head of the Arkansas Department of Education.
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Arkansas Senate Panel OKs Cut to Planned Parenthood Funding

Arkansas would bar state funding for Planned Parenthood under a bill endorsed by a Senate panel. read more >

Arkansas Senate Panel Approves Changes to Lottery-Funded Scholarships

An Arkansas Senate panel has endorsed lowering the amount of money incoming college freshmen would receive in from the state's lottery-funded scholarships and changing the program's eligibility requirements. read more >

Asa Hutchinson Names Holly Meyer to Circuit Court Post

Gov. Asa Hutchinson named Holly Meyer to Arkansas's 16th Judicial District, 2nd Division Circuit Court. read more >

ARK Challenge Startup Politapoll Merging with Little Rock's Civik

With Politapoll on hold, and with Civik still searching for traction, Atwood said it made sense to explore a melding of the minds, of sorts. (RIP, Leonard Nimoy.) And a natural fit, it is. read more >

Arkansas House Panel Advances Foreign Law Court Ban

A measure heading to the Arkansas House would prohibit judges in the state from basing any rulings on foreign laws, including Islamic Sharia law. read more >

Email Issue Revives Old Questions About Clintons

Hillary Rodham Clinton is facing a new set of questions about ethics and transparency - the sort that have dogged her and husband Bill for decades. read more >

Tim Griffin Backs Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Ballot Change

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin said Tuesday he's backing a lawmaker's push for his office to no longer be a separately elected position and instead have Arkansas' No. 2 constitutional officer appear on the ballot as the governor's running mate. read more >

Senate OKs Relaxing Rules on Forming New Districts

The Arkansas Senate has given final legislative approval to a bill easing restrictions on the creation of new school districts. read more >

Group Touts Arkansas Businesses Promoting LGBT Diversity

A national group is touting more than 100 Arkansas businesses that it says are promoting diversity for gays and lesbians as it fights "conscience protection" legislation that critics say would justify discrimination. read more >

US Supreme Court Allows Challenge to Colorado Internet Tax Law

A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that federal courts can hear a dispute over Colorado's Internet tax law. One justice suggested it was time to reconsider the ban on state collection of sales taxes from companies outside their borders. read more >

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