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Asa Hutchinson Seeks $7.4M to Open 200 Prison Beds

Asa Hutchinson Seeks $7.4M to Open 200 Prison Beds

Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he's asking lawmakers to approve spending $7.4 million from Arkansas' discretionary funds to open 200 more prison beds in an effort to ease overcrowding of state inmates at county jails.
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Mike Huckabee Criticizes Iran Deal as Being Similar to Holocaust

GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is sticking with his controversial criticism of the Iran nuclear deal as "marching the Israelis to the door of the oven," a reference to the Holocaust.
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SPP: State-by-State Approach to Cutting Emissions Costly

Southwest Power Pool says the proposed federal Clean Power Plan will result in higher energy costs if instituted on a state-by-state basis.
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Leslie Rutledge Announces Settlement in Telephone Scam Case

Arkansas attorney general says a New Jersey marketing company has been ordered to pay $190,000 in civil penalties for violations of the state's consumer protection laws. read more >

Here's What's in the 6-Year Senate Transportation Bill

The Senate is moving toward the likely passage this week of a sweeping, six-year transportation bill, but the House is putting off consideration of the measure until this fall. read more >

Tim Griffin: Changes Needed to Common Core Standards

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin says he thinks Arkansas should keep some elements of Common Core but make changes where necessary and rename the controversial education standards to more closely reflect the state's needs. read more >

Craighead County Sends Out Final Bills for Uncollected Fees

The Craighead County Election Commission has sent final bills to all but one of the cities and towns in the county for election fees that went uncollected since 2008. read more >

Lockheed Martin in Camden to Work $1.5B Contract

Lockheed Martin of Bethesda, Maryland, has received a $1.5 billion contract with the U.S. military for production and delivery of Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles and PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement missiles. read more >

'Scooter' Stuart Family, Bank Reach Settlement Over $14.9M Forfeiture

A tentative settlement has been reached in the civil forfeiture of $14.9 million seized from Layton "Scooter" Stuart and his estate. The development has led to the postponement of the scheduled start of a trial in U.S. District Court on Aug. 17. read more >

Asa Hutchinson Named to Committee Handling Homeland Security

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has been named vice chair of the National Governors Association Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. read more >

Party Dinners Illustrate Arkansas' Shift (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

The back-to-back appearances in Arkansas by two of the biggest names in the 2016 presidential race illustrated how much the state's politics have shifted in recent years —┬ábut also how little has changed. read more >

AEDC Director's Wife Hired as Anchor for SSN Media

The wife of Mike Preston, the new director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, has landed a new job. The television news personality was hired on at SSN Media Gateway at the end of June, according to Managing Partner Jeff Lyle. read more >

Pulaski County Comes After John Rogers on Delinquent Property Tax

In addition to the tens of millions that creditors are trying to get out of him, he and/or his ex-wife, Angelica, owe Pulaski County more than $150,000 in taxes. read more >

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