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Arkansas Faces Challenge in Trying to Revamp Medicaid Plan

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 1/18/2015 01:20 pm

The program's fate is expected to become clearer this week, with Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson set to deliver a speech Thursday on the future of health care in Arkansas that will also address his plans for the private option.

EPA Plan to Crack Down on Coal Plant Emissions Draws Support

by Associated Press 1/18/2015 01:04 pm

A federal plan to crack down on emissions from Texas coal-fired electrical generating plants that affect visibility at national parks and wilderness areas in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas was supported by most participants at a public hearing on the issue.

Bill Would Require Public Colleges to Allow Concealed Guns

by Associated Press 1/16/2015 07:55 am

A lawmaker is proposing a requirement that Arkansas' public colleges and universities allow faculty and staff to carry concealed handguns on campus.

Arkansas Bill Would Restrict Drones on Private Land

by Associated Press 1/16/2015 07:42 am

Using a drone to fly above private property and take pictures without permission would be a crime under a bill filed in the Arkansas Legislature.

Mayberry, Irvin Bill Would Require Doctors to Give Abortion Pill in Person

by Associated Press 1/15/2015 02:34 pm

A new anti-abortion bill filed in the Arkansas Legislature would require women to take abortion-inducing medication in the presence of the doctor and have a follow-up checkup days afterward.

Asa Hutchinson Names Mark Myers Information Systems Director

by Arkansas Business Staff 1/15/2015 02:27 pm

Mark Myers was director of strategic initiatives at the Arkansas Secretary of State's office. He'd been in the position since 2011. He previously worked in the technology industry for

Hutchinson Says He'll Unveil Budget Plan Next Week

by Associated Press 1/15/2015 02:26 pm

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson will present his balanced budget proposal to lawmakers next week, he said Thursday as legislative leaders prepared to move quickly on the Republican's tax cut plan.

Former Beebe Spokesman Matt DeCample Starts Consulting Firm

by Sean Beherec 1/15/2015 02:07 pm

Matt DeCample, who served as spokesman for former Gov. Mike Beebe from 2003 until he left office on Tuesday, said Thursday that he has started his own consulting firm.

Lawmakers Say They're Ready to Move Quickly on Tax Cut Plan

by Associated Press 1/15/2015 11:20 am

Arkansas legislative leaders say they're prepared to move quickly on Gov. Asa Hutchinson's plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class.

Asa Hutchinson to Speak Before Arkansas Municipal League

by Associated Press 1/15/2015 07:29 am

Gov. Asa Hutchinson will speak to a group of more than 1,000 municipal officials gathered in Little Rock across the state.

Asa Hutchinson Orders Hiring Freeze, Regulation Review

by Associated Press 1/14/2015 04:50 pm

A day after being sworn in as Arkansas' 46th governor, Republican Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday imposed a hiring freeze on most state agencies and ordered that any new regulations or rules be approved by his office.

Pay Panel Chooses 5 Peer States for Salary Comparison

by Associated Press 1/14/2015 03:24 pm

The Arkansas panel reviewing elected officials' salaries has chosen five states it will use as a comparison for its decisions: Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Plains & Eastern Clean Line Gets Regulatory Approval in Tennessee

by Lee Hogan 1/14/2015 12:44 pm

The $2 billion, 720-mile transmission line would deliver wind energy from the Oklahoma panhandle to customers in Tennessee and Arkansas. The project would provide renewable energy to more than one million homes annually.

Jonathan Dismang Outlines Bill for Asa Hutchinson Tax Cut Plan

by Associated Press 1/14/2015 11:42 am

Arkansas Senate President Jonathan Dismang says he hopes to bring Gov. Asa Hutchinson's proposal to cut taxes for the middle class by $100 million a year before lawmakers as soon as next week.

Obama Moves to Create First Methane Limits for Gas Drilling

by Associated Press 1/14/2015 11:35 am

The Obama administration laid out a blueprint Wednesday for the first regulations to cut down on methane emissions from new natural gas wells, aiming to curb the discharge of a potent greenhouse gas by roughly half.

Arkansas Municipal League Winter Conference to Begin

by Associated Press 1/14/2015 10:09 am

More than 1,000 municipal officials from across Arkansas are expected at the Arkansas Municipal League's Winter Conference in Little Rock.

Runoff Election to be Held for Vacant Arkansas Senate Seat

by Associated Press 1/14/2015 07:28 am

Unofficial results from the Arkansas Secretary of State show a runoff will be needed to choose the lawmaker who will replace former Senate President Michael Lamoureux.

Inauguration Day in Arkansas

by Lee Hogan 1/13/2015 12:59 pm

The state's politicos react to inauguration day in Arkansas, which included Asa Hutchinson taking the oath as governor.

Asa Hutchinson Lays out Plan to Compete in 'Global Marketplace'

by Associated Press 1/13/2015 12:26 pm

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson wants lawmakers to lower tax rates in an effort to compete in the "global marketplace."

Here's the Transcript from Gov. Asa Hutchinson's Inaugural Address

by Arkansas Business Staff 1/13/2015 12:15 pm

The full transcript of Gov. Asa Hutchinson's inaugural address.