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MedExpress Double-Dose Buy Tops $4.4 Million (Real Deals)

MedExpress Double-Dose Buy Tops $4.4 Million (Real Deals)
MedExpress at 5326 W. Markham St. in Little Rock.

National Retail Properties Ltd. of Orlando, Florida, purchased the Markham St. project in midtown Little Rock and the North Little Rock location.
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Holmes Highlights Other Class-Action Cases Settled in State Court

Going to Arkansas state courts to settle class-action cases and avoid federal review has generated a total of $8.34 million in attorneys' fees and expenses in five cases.
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Health Care Construction Spending in Arkansas Is Climbing

Spending on health care-related construction projects in Arkansas nearly doubled in 2015 compared with the previous year.
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US Building Permits Show Long-Term Rise

The number of building permits issued in February in the United States stood at 1.2 million, reflecting the gradual increase seen since they hit a low of 513,000 in March 2009. read more >

Middle Class, Cash Poor And Desperate (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

A couple of smart, talented, outwardly successful guys fell into the fatal trap of believing that they deserved a lifestyle they simply couldn't afford. read more >

Fights Still Ahead on Arkansas Medicaid Plan (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

There's little guarantee that Asa Hutchinson and legislative leaders won't face the type of budget shutdown fight that's accompanied Medicaid expansion since its inception. read more >

Arkansas Senate Approves Plan to Preserve Medicaid

The Arkansas Senate has approved a plan to preserve the state's hybrid Medicaid expansion, backing an unusual tactic that required supporters to initially vote to end the subsidized health coverage. Republican opponents have predicted a legal challenge to what they call an end-run around the budget process. read more >

UnitedHealth Ups 2016 Outlook After Surprisingly Strong 1Q

UnitedHealth hiked its 2016 forecast after the nation's largest health insurer topped Wall Street's first-quarter earnings expectations. read more >

A Look at Budget Impasse Over Arkansas Medicaid Plan

Arkansas lawmakers return to the Capitol this week hoping to resolve a budget standoff over the future of the state's hybrid Medicaid expansion and a host of other programs for the poor and disabled. read more >

Backup Medicaid Plan Requires Leap of Faith (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

With a backup plan to save Arkansas' Medicaid expansion by defunding it, Gov. Asa Hutchinson will need a leap of faith from political foes on both sides of the aisle to prevent thousands of poor people losing their health coverage. read more >

Once More, With Feeling (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

The World Health Organization and the International Association for Suicide Prevention issued an 11-point guide for journalists, and the last point is this: “Recognize that media professionals themselves may be affected by stories about suicide.” read more >

Executive Recruiter Cameron Smith on Assessing Assistants

Cameron Smith founded the executive recruitment firm Cameron Smith & Associates in 1992. The firm has gone on to become the top provider of executive talent to the almost 1,400 vendors doing business with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. read more >

Legislators Hit Impasse Over Funding Medicaid Plan

Republican opponents of Arkansas' hybrid Medicaid expansion blocked funding for the program Thursday, leaving lawmakers scrambling to find a way to save the expanded coverage for thousands of poor people and resolve a standstill over the state's budget. read more >

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