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Digital Assets and Death (Katie Watson Expert Advice)

Digital Assets and Death (Katie Watson Expert Advice)

Digital assets are pervasive in today's society, but what happens an individual's financial information, photos, passwords and other personal information when they become incompetent or die?
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75-MPH Limit Still Awaits Green Light on Arkansas Highways

A law allowing the Arkansas Highway Commission to raise the highway speed limit to 75 mph went into effect Aug. 1, but the actual raising of any speed limits will have to wait until the Department of Transportation and its engineers complete an updated traffic study.
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Arkansas Unemployment Rate Stays Level at 3.4 Percent

Arkansas' unemployment rate in July stayed at 3.4 percent. The record low was set in May and has remained unchanged for three months. read more >

Arkansas Business Seeks Info on Minority-, Woman-Owned Businesses

Arkansas Business is seeking minority-owned or woman-owned businesses in Arkansas for new lists to be published Sept. 4. read more >

New Life for Medicaid After GOP's Health Care Debacle

It may not equal Social Security and Medicare as a "third rail" program that politicians touch at their own risk, yet Medicaid seems to have gotten stronger after the Republican failure to pass health care legislation. read more >

Whose Freedom Wins? (Paul Dodds Commentary)

Americans typically have no effective individual power to refuse when companies hand us “take it or leave it” one-sided agreements of adhesion. Without regulatory limits and access to courts, we are constantly subject to corporate tyranny of contract. read more >

Bowman Curve Draws $7.1M Transaction (Real Deals) This article is available only in print.

Bowman Curve I & II LLC, an affiliate of Cooper Realty Investments Inc. of Rogers, sold its 60,779-SF retail center in west Little Rock. read more >

Eight Named To Arkansas Insurance Hall of Fame

The Arkansas Insurance Hall of Fame announced this week its 2017 class of inductees. read more >

Take Another Run at It (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

There certainly was never a plan that would do what Candidate Trump promised, which was better health care for everyone at a fraction of the cost. read more >

Maddison Stewart Joins Farm Bureau's Media Department (Movers & Shakers)

Maddison Stewart has been hired as a social media specialist at Arkansas Farm Bureau, headquartered in Little Rock. read more >

Ashburry Apartments Visited by $18.6M Sale (Real Deals)

An affiliate of Olympus Property in Fort Worth, Texas, purchased The Ashburry at Chenal at 16401 Chenal Valley Drive. read more >

DentaQuest Drops Lawsuit Against State, Armstrong

DentaQuest of Boston, the bidder who sued the state of Arkansas and its procurement director, Edward Armstrong, after being disqualified for a $366 million state Medicaid dental services contract, has dropped its lawsuit. read more >

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