Fake Will Forger Refutes Argument of 'Sophisticated' Scheme This article is available only in print.

Fake Will Forger Refutes Argument of 'Sophisticated' Scheme
Donna Herring admitted to creating a will after Matthew Seth Jacobs, who had survived the Deepwater Horizon disaster in April 2010, died in a one-vehicle wreck in January 2015.

Donna Herring, the former Camden real estate agent who orchestrated the infamous fake will case, is continuing to argue that she deserves the least amount of prison time possible.
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CJRW Breaks Silence on Heathcott Lawsuit This article is available only in print.

CJRW Chairman and CEO Darin Gray responds to comments from Gary Heathcott and anonymous advertising industry executives quoted in last week's Outtakes column.
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Simmons Dismisses Lawsuit Against Soul of the South Investors This article is available only in print.

Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff dismissed its lawsuit against investors in the troubled Soul of the South venture without prejudice on Jan. 10.
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Tom Thrash Donates $800K for Turf at Ouachita Baptist's Stadium

Little Rock attorney Tom Thrash has donated $800,000 to fully fund the installation of artificial turf in the Cliff Harris Stadium at Ouachita Baptist University. read more >

Gov. Asa Hutchinson Announces Appointments

Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Friday announced the following appointments. read more >

Stock Tumble at Bank OZK Attracts Lawsuits This article is available only in print.

Bank OZK's growing recognition as a lead player on the national commercial lending scene contributed to a burgeoning audience of investors. And that success also heightened the bank's profile as a potential target of lawyers seeking to cash in on a class-action lawsuit on behalf of supposedly wronged investors. read more >

On the Opioid Beat (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

It turns out that more careful prescribing guidelines don't fix pre-existing dependency, and illegal replacements are even more deadly. read more >

A Publisher's Duties (Editorial)

If Facebook is a publisher, with free speech rights, then it should have the same responsibility of trying to ensure, to the best of its ability, that the information it disseminates is true. read more >

Kathleen McDonald Moves to Wilson & Associates (Movers & Shakers)

Kathleen McDonald will lead the new immigration department at Wilson & Associates in Little Rock. read more >

Blake Hendrix Appointed to Represent Gilbert Baker in Bribery Case

An attorney has been appointed to represent a former Arkansas lawmaker facing federal charges in what prosecutors say was a bribery scheme with an ex-judge. read more >

Harrison Doctor's Second Chances Piling Up at State Medical Board

The Arkansas State Medical Board suspended a Harrison doctor's medical license last June, for the third time in four years, after multiple complaints that the doctor overprescribed opioids and had serious mental health issues, an examination of his file reveals. read more >

Debt Deferment Brings Relief To Arkansas Baptist, Philander Smith

Two small private colleges in Little Rock started 2019 with a welcome dose of financial relief courtesy of Uncle Sam. read more >

Party Like It's 1919 (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Greeting the new year with a listing of anniversaries to note in 2019, I was slightly horrified by how many “historic” events seem fairly recent. read more >

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