US Job Openings Soar to Record High of 6.3M

US Job Openings Soar to Record High of 6.3M

U.S. employers sharply ramped up their demand for workers in January, advertising 6.3 million jobs at the end of the month, the most on records dating back 17 years.
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Missouri Governor Lauds Plan for New Aluminum Smelter in Bootheel

A new aluminum smelter will open in the Missouri Bootheel region in May, replacing roughly half of the jobs lost when another smelter shut down two years ago.
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China Shrinks Steel Industry Slowly, Drawing Western Ire

China's steel mills, a target of U.S. President Donald Trump's ire, are their industry's 800-pound gorilla: They supply half of the world's output, so every move they make has a global impact.
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Arkansas' January Unemployment Rate Steady at 3.7 Percent

Arkansas' January unemployment rate held steady at 3.7 percent. read more >

Stuck in the Middle: Regulating Pharmacy Benefit Managers

A special legislative session starting Tuesday is expected to result in deep-red Arkansas becoming the first state to license and regulate pharmacy benefit managers. read more >

In Reversal, Medical Pot Cultivator Picks Jackson County, Not Jefferson

In a stunning reversal that left officials in Pine Bluff "mad to the point of tears, practically," Natural State Wellness Enterprises LLC announced that it would put its medical marijuana cultivation facility in Jackson County. read more >

Jefferson County Lands 2nd Medical Marijuana Grow Facility

A medical marijuana company that qualified last week to become one of the first five legal cannabis grow sites in Arkansas has decided to put its cultivation operation in Jefferson County. read more >

Last US Rubber Band Maker in Arkansas Fights Competition

Alliance Rubber Co. of Hot Springs has gone to Washington in a battle over rubber band dumping. read more >

Lumber Sale Fresh Kindling for Former Wife's Fraud Lawsuit

After a Pope County lumber company was valued at $3 million in a 2007 divorce settlement, a new lawsuit alleges fraud after the company was sold seven years later for 26 times that amount. read more >

More Pubs in Store for Core Brewing

Core Brewing & Distillery Co. of Springdale will use the $300,000 in equity it recently raised to expand. read more >

Delta Hospital Takes Opioids to Court

Hospitals in the Arkansas Delta are fighting the opioid epidemic with every weapon at their command, including a little-noticed lawsuit by a Monticello hospital against the larger opioid manufacturers. read more >

Paul Michael Has Found His Place on Earth

Paul Michael, grandson of a Delta merchant, sells home decor to the world while finding success as a designer and entrepreneur. read more >

Energy Security Partners CEO: Vision of Pine Bluff GTL Plant Alive

Roger Williams' vision to put a $3.7 billion gas-to-liquid fuel plant in Jefferson County has him arguing in two directions: convincing some people that the largest economic development project in state history can realistically happen, and explaining to others why it's not happening quicker. read more >

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