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CJRW Lottery Strategy: Playing To Win Over Millennials

CJRW Lottery Strategy: Playing To Win Over Millennials
CJRW offices in the Fulk Building in downtown Little Rock

The day after CJRW signed a hotly contested $34.5 million advertising contract on Feb. 16, a team led by Gary Heathcott at CJRW was busy putting a new face to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.
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Conlon Settlement Offers Small Payouts to John Rogers Investors

An 11th-hour settlement spared Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza from deciding how to divvy $1.5 million from last year's auction of the famed Conlon Collection, formerly owned by John Rogers
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Democrat-Gazette Cuts Include Columnists Fellone and Haymes

Two of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's better-known columnists — Frank Fellone and Linda Haymes — were among the latest job cuts at the daily paper on Tuesday.
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The Trouble With Transparency (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

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All Theater, Except For... (Editorial)

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Kirby & Co. of Hot Springs Gets a New Name, 61° Celsius

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Librarian Sues Gravette Mayor Over Firing

Tucked on the shelf in the little town of Gravette (Benton County) is a legal battle between the now former librarian and mayor. The bad blood started with attempts to close the library. read more >

City of Fayetteville Seeks Director of Economic Vitality

The city of Fayetteville is advertising its newly created position of director of economic vitality, a position that was approved by the city council earlier this year. read more >

Biggest Deals in Arkansas Rise 11 Percent in 2016

Both the value and the volume of mergers and acquisitions in Arkansas rose last year, with the value increasing 11 percent to $9.8 billion and the volume rising 10 percent to 92. read more >

Searcy Upgrades Infrastructure for Chance at New 'Power Center' for Shopping

Public, private and public-private developments representing tens of millions of dollars in construction are in motion in Searcy. Three projects highlighting each category alone tally more than $42 million. read more >

Just Because One Can ... (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

It may not be illegal for President Trump to tweet-shame a department store chain for dropping his daughter's line of fashion merchandise, but just because he can doesn't mean he should. read more >

Making the Tough Calls (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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