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Soul Fish Café On the Line for August Opening

Soul Fish Café On the Line for August Opening

It looks like Aug. 3 or thereabouts is the opening day for Soul Fish Café, which features fried catfish and other Southern favorites, at 306 Main St. in downtown Little Rock next door to the also eagerly awaited Bruno's Deli.
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Chip's Barbeque Falls Off Grill with Bankruptcy

Chip's Barbeque of Little Rock recently closed and filed for bankruptcy protection, listing $400,000 in debts.
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Buffalo Brewing Ready To Take Wing in Little Rock

Buffalo Brewing is an outgrowth of the Water Buffalo, a retailer of supplies for hobby beer and winemakers, cheese makers and specialty gardeners (think hydroponic) at 106 S. Rodney Parham Road.
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Westrock Coffee Partners With P. Allen Smith, Razorbacks

Westrock Coffee Co. of North Little Rock and the P. Allen Smith Cos. of Little Rock announced Monday a partnership to promote their farm-focused brands.
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Rockline Industries Expands in Springdale (NWA Real Deals)

Rockline Industries of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a wet-wipe manufacturer, paid $2.25 million for a 50,000-SF warehouse close to its manufacturing facilities in Springdale. read more >

‘Pokemon Go' and Social Marketing (Ross Cranford Expert Advice)

Social savvy restaurateurs and tourism destinations have begun to lure “Pokemon” players with special offers. The hardest part of the consumer funnel has often been that last step along the way getting customers to your door. read more >

USA Rice Elects Brian King Board Chairman

The USA Rice board of directors elects Brian King of Erwin Keith Inc. as its new chairman. read more >

Tyson Offers To Buy Out Lease on Closed Iowa Plant

Tyson Foods is offering to pay $400,000 to buy out its remaining lease on a plant it closed in 2014 in the northwest Iowa town of Cherokee. read more >

Simmons Prepared Foods Recalls 5,850 Pounds of Chicken

Arkansas-based Simmons Prepared Foods says it's recalling 5,850 pounds of frozen chicken products that may have been breaded with flour contaminated with E. coli bacteria. read more >

Rebel Kettle, Just Opened, Plans to Grow

Only three months after opening Rebel Kettle Brewing in east Little Rock on March 21, co-owner Jason Polk is thinking about enlarging the kitchen of the microbrewery/restaurant. read more >

Brent Medders Awarded for Positive Domino's Effect (Movers & Shakers)

Brent Medders, owner of 22 Domino's Pizza stores throughout Arkansas, was recently awarded the International Franchise Association Gold Franny Award for operational excellence for the fourth consecutive year. read more >

Arkansas Rice Federation Travels to Cuba for Trade Talks

Members of the Arkansas Rice Federation have traveled to Cuba to discuss the future of trade between the U.S. and Cuba. read more >

US Services Firms Grew in June at Fastest Pace in 7 Months

U.S. services firms expanded last month at the fastest pace since November, good news for the U.S. economy. read more >

Feds Finger Fort Smith Family in Food Stamp Fraud

The feds recently accused a father-and-son pair who owns several Fort Smith convenience stores of running an elaborate food stamp fraud that involved 94 beneficiaries. read more >

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