Air National Guard Course To Prepare Cyber Warriors

Air National Guard Course To Prepare Cyber Warriors
Capt. Scott Anderson, who heads the course in cyber warfare for Guardsmen at the Little Rock Air Force Base, calls it “an excellent opportunity for the state.”

The Air National Guard needs 400 cyberwarfare operators in the next two years, and future students of a new course at the Little Rock Air Force Base say it will help the Guard reach that goal as they soar to a “fighter pilot”-like status in their careers.
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FCC Approves Merger of Windstream, EarthLink

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved the previously announced merger of Windstream Holdings Inc. of Little Rock and EarthLink Holdings Corp. of Atlanta.
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Blue Sail Coffee to Open Shop in Tech Park

Blue Sail Coffee Roasters of Conway has signed a three-year lease to operate a coffee shop inside Phase 1 of the Little Rock Technology Park at 417 Main St.
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Windstream Eliminates 164 Jobs, 25 in Little Rock

Windstream Holdings Inc. of Little Rock says it will cut 164 positions, including 25 in Little Rock. read more >

Conductor Partnership to Host Angel Network Events

The Conductor, a public-private partnership, announces plans to host Conductor Angel Network receptions starting Feb. 7 in Conway. read more >

Level the Playing Field (Editorial)

An injustice is being done to retailers in Arkansas, the local mom-and-pop enterprises that bring life to any town's Main Street, an injustice that also hurts local government. That is the inability of states to collect sales taxes on online purchases. read more >

Acxiom Announces Partnership With Verve

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Icon Communications Executive Houser Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud

Blaine Francis Houser, a senior vice president of Icon Communications in Russellville, waived indictment and pleaded guilty Tuesday to a single count of mail fraud in a case that cost his employer more than a quarter million dollars. read more >

Vixiar Medical Names New CEO

Vixiar Medical of Annapolis, Maryland, announces the appointment of Kevin Thibodeau as its CEO, effective immediately. read more >

Wal-Mart Plans 10K New Retail Jobs, $6.8B in US Spending

Wal-Mart plans to add about 10,000 retail jobs in the U.S. as it opens new stores and expands existing locations. The world's biggest retailer says its plans will also generate about 24,000 construction jobs, even as it opens fewer stores in the coming fiscal year. read more >

Tyson Venture Fund Looks to Future of Food

Tyson Foods announced in early December a $150 million capital investment fund it calls Tyson New Ventures LLC to invest in innovative food companies and technologies. read more >

The In-Person Experience (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

My first reaction to the long movie line was simple: Just hire some more people, whydoncha? But if the answer were that simple, people whose livelihoods depend on retail sales could have figured that out. read more >

JobShare App Links People, Odd Jobs

The new JobShare smartphone app, launched in November, isn't just a way to hire people to do your odd jobs. It's also a business opportunity, owner William Jones tells Arkansas Business. read more >

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