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Creating an Engaged Workforce (John Hendon Commentary)

by John Hendon 2/17/2014 12:00 am

Employee engagement is simply a combination of job satisfaction, ability and a willingness to perform for one's organization at a high level and over an extended time. This combination of satisfaction, ability and willingness is more critical today than ever before in business.

Meet the Finalists of the 26th Annual Arkansas Business of the Year Awards

by Arkansas Business Staff 2/17/2014 12:00 am

Since 1988, Arkansas Business has honored the state's top executives, small businesses and nonprofits with the annual Arkansas Business of the Year Awards. Readers make nominations and an independent panel of judges selects the winners.

Underground Tunnels Challenge Hot Springs Engineers from Past to Present

by Luke Jones 2/10/2014 12:00 am

The Hot Springs Creek Tunnel and other structures of its kind in Arkansas represent architectural accomplishments that carry their unique engineering challenges into the present, but often go unnoticed.

Little Rock Native to Lead Verizon's South Central Region

by Luke Jones 2/6/2014 04:22 pm

Verizon Wireless has named Kristi Crum, a native of Little Rock, to lead its south central region, which includes Arkansas, Oklahoma, northern Mississippi and western Tennessee.

Arkansans Plead Guilty to Internet Ponzi Scheme

by Gwen Moritz 2/5/2014 10:56 am

A Clarksville resident and her stepson made good on their agreement with federal prosecutors in North Carolina by pleading guilty Wednesday morning to their roles in an Internet Ponzi scheme.

Jobless Rates Down in 3 of 6 Arkansas Metros

by Arkansas Business Staff 2/5/2014 10:28 am

Unemployment rates were down or steady in four of six Arkansas metropolitan areas surveyed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, data released Wednesday by the agency revealed.

NWA Location the Perfect Testing Grounds for Fayetteville Startup

by Mark Carter 2/5/2014 10:13 am

VisuaLogistic Technologies is working with the Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department to test roadside sensors that are designed to provide interstate drivers with a traffic warning system.

Fayetteville Firm Develops Traffic Warning System

by Mark Carter 2/3/2014 12:00 am

It took getting rear-ended by a big rig in an early morning, rush-hour traffic jam on I-540 in northwest Arkansas for the VisuaLogistic Technologies light bulb to flick on in Brett Schaefer's head.

Brett Schaefer's 5 Tips for Startup Success

by Mark Carter 2/3/2014 12:00 am

VisuaLogistic Technologies founder and CEO Brett Schaefer shares his five tips for startup success.

Fayetteville Firm Completes Grant to Improve Energy Efficiency of Vision Processors

by Mark Carter 1/29/2014 08:49 am

Fayetteville's NanoWatt Design has further developed methods to improve battery life and heat dissipation in electronic devices including vision processors used in the defense industry.

NWA Men Charged With Running Email Hacking Business

by Gwen Moritz 1/29/2014 07:09 am

Federal prosecutors in California last week charged two northwest Arkansas men with selling email passwords through a website called

Arkansas Jobless Rate Falls to 7.4 Percent

by Mark Carter 1/28/2014 09:12 am

The unemployment rate in Arkansas dropped one-tenth of a percentage point to 7.4 percent in December, according to the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.

Internet Law Focus of Beacon Legal Group

by Mark Friedman 1/27/2014 12:00 am

Benjamin McCorkle and his law partner, Kathleen McDonald, a former deputy prosecuting attorney for the 6th Judicial District, founded the Beacon Legal Group in January 2013 to handle Internet law issues and other cases involving domestic and international business law. The firm also handles claims against Internet companies, offers consulting work and can manage other legal cases.

Expert Advice: Dayo Olagunju, Founder of Nyoombl, Talks Tech

by Luke Jones 1/27/2014 12:00 am

Oladayo “Dayo” Olagunju is a Nigerian citizen who spent much of his life shuttling between Nigeria and England. He attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville for his undergraduate degree, majoring in computer science, electrical engineering and economics. In 2005 he attended Stanford University at Palo Alto, Calif., to earn his Master of Business Administration, and then worked as a director for Samsung's North American LCD business.

New Nanotech at UA

by Arkansas Business Staff 1/27/2014 12:00 am

University of Arkansas physicists in Fayetteville have engineered new properties within an ultra-thin material, opening the door to the creation of new types of nanomaterial for use in electronics and other devices.

After Target Heist, Credit Cards Set for an Overhaul

by Luke Jones 1/27/2014 12:00 am

The heavily publicized theft of credit card data from Target servers in November has highlighted a glaring issue that Arkansas banks and retailers must soon address: Our plastic technology is obsolete.

Powers of Arkansas Delivers Punch to Prince with Sales Staff Exodus

by Arkansas Business Staff 1/27/2014 12:00 am

Powers of Arkansas hires away 10 salespeople from competitor John Prince Co.

Cyberattack Shuts Down Court Sites

by Luke Jones 1/24/2014 04:21 pm

A cyberattack targeting the U.S. judiciary shut down numerous websites Friday afternoon.

Research Commercialization Workshops Planned for ASU

by Arkansas Business Staff 1/23/2014 01:22 pm

The ASBTDC sessions are intended for researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and students involved in developing products with high commercial potential.

Get Tickets Now for 26th Arkansas Business of the Year Awards Banquet

by Arkansas Business Staff 1/23/2014 10:41 am

Tickets are available now for the 26th Annual Arkansas Business of the Year Awards banquet, which honors the state's most outstanding businesses, nonprofit organizations and executives.