Online Banking Rises in Use, but Arkansas Branches Remain Important

Online Banking Rises in Use, but Arkansas Branches Remain Important

Physical branches are still important and will remain vital, bankers say, even as the number inches downward as customers increasingly bank online.
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Hugg & Hall Purchases RPM Services & Rentals of Louisiana

Hugg & Hall Equipment Co. of Little Rock has acquired equipment rental company RPM Services & Rentals LLC of Houma, Louisiana.
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US Says Fuel Economy Likely Won't Meet 2025 Targets

The U.S. government says fuel economy of the nation's fleet of cars and trucks won't meet its targets in 2025 because low gas prices have changed the types of vehicles people are buying.
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Survey: Branch Banking in the U.S. Still a Robust Service

Bank customers continue to seek the human touch provided by bank branches, according to a survey by Protiviti, a global consulting firm based in Menlo Park, California. The survey, released late last year, found that 84 percent of bank customers visit their branches at least once a month. read more >

‘Pokemon Go' and Social Marketing (Ross Cranford Expert Advice)

Social savvy restaurateurs and tourism destinations have begun to lure “Pokemon” players with special offers. The hardest part of the consumer funnel has often been that last step along the way getting customers to your door. read more >

J.B. Hunt Lowers Expectations After 2Q Earnings Report

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell revised its 2016 financial expectations after reporting second-quarter earnings Monday. read more >

Helena Harbor Gets Back On Track

A dedication for Enviro Tech Chemical Co.'s $15 million plant at the Helena Harbor in 2015 attracted more than 300 people, including Gov. Asa Hutchinson. But behind the scenes, trouble loomed for the Phillips County harbor. read more >

Internet In Northwest Arkansas Feeling Stress

No one is complaining about the population and economic growth in northwest Arkansas, but all that growth is putting strains on the area's infrastructure. read more >

Report: 7 Percent of Arkansas Bridges Structurally Deficient

Of the 12,853 bridges in the state, 845, or 7 percent, are classified as structurally deficient, meaning that one or more of the key bridge elements — such as the deck, superstructure or substructure — are considered to be in “poor” or worse condition. read more >

North of Eden (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

My husband and I, essentially empty-nesters except for the college senior we left at home to care for Scully the dog and Fox the cat, headed north to escape the Arkansas heat. read more >

Ralph Vines on Paving the Road to Success with Good Decisions

Ralph Vines started Kesser International in 1987 as a sole proprietorship while he also was serving in the U.S. Army. read more >

USA Truck Announces Logistics Moves

USA Truck Inc. of Van Buren made several organizational changes in its USAT Logistics division. read more >

Protesters Cleared from I-40 Bridge over Mississippi River

Hundreds of protesters angry over police killings of black people occupied a key bridge over the Mississippi River Sunday night, blocking an interstate highway for hours before officers moved them off. read more >

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