Thinking Big Rigs, Arkansas Company Cleans Up
Whiting Systems Inc. President Chad Glenn (left) and former president Russ Whiting, of the family ownership group, with one of the company's large truck wash gantries.

Thinking Big Rigs, Arkansas Company Cleans Up

Whiting Systems Inc. manufactures brush and touchless wash gantries and drive-thrus, pressure washers and cleaning agents for industries relying heavily on trucks, trains, vans, buses and other large vehicles.
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Tax Cut Boon to PAM Transport

PAM Transport Inc. of Tontitown reported 2017 fourth-quarter income of $31.5 million on Thursday, a spectacular increase from the $722,842 it reported in the same quarter of 2016.
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Tom Garrison, Who Led American Freightways, Dies at 57

Thomas R. "Tom" Garrison, the former president and CEO of American Freightways Inc. of Harrison before its sale in 2001 to FedEx Corp., died Sunday. He was 57.
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Tax Changes: The Good, Bad and Quirky

Arkansas Business asked a panel of tax experts for insights on the new code, which was signed by President Donald J. Trump in late December. After hitting the highlights, they delved into provisions that surprised them.
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Governor: Arkansas Special Session On Pharmacies Possible

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he'll call a special legislative session to address reimbursement rates for pharmacies and to amend the state's open container law if there is consensus among lawmakers on the proposals. read more >

Arkansas Metros Show Wide Gap in Post-Recession Employment Rates

Although the unemployment rate gets the most attention, Arkansas economist Michael Pakko recently also looked at the employment rate in the state over the last year and since the Great Recession. read more >

Is the U.S. Due for a Recession? (Commentary)

The U.S. economy has been expanding for the last eight and a half years, but how much longer will that expansion last? read more >

Presenting the 30th Annual Arkansas Business of the Year Awards

Arkansas Business honors the state's top executives, small businesses and nonprofits with the annual Arkansas Business of the Year Awards. read more >

Biggest Deals of 2017: Arkansas Transactions Soar 50 Percent, Reach $14.7B

Tax reform expected to increase pace, size of acquisitions in 2018. read more >

Tax Rates Ranked No. 1 U.S. Obstacle by World Economic Forum

The United States stands at No. 2 in overall business competitiveness out of 137 countries ranked, just behind Switzerland, according to the World Economic Forum's “Global Competitiveness Report 2017/2018.” read more >

Federal Infrastructure Plan Looks Like Nightmare

President Trump says his plan includes a $1.5 trillion fix for the nation's roads. It also leans on the states for most of the money and calls for private investments, like more toll roads. read more >

Super Bowl Commercials: Tide Cleans Up, Alexa Speaks

Tide scored nearly a clean sweep, Alexa's voice came through for Amazon and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s voice was hijacked by Dodge Ram. read more >

Clinton National Airport Announces Nonstop Flights to Austin

The Clinton National Airport announced Friday that it will offer nonstop flights from Little Rock to Austin, Texas, effective April 29. read more >

Highway Commission Drops Plan for Road Funding Measure This Year

The Arkansas Highway Commission on Tuesday voted to drop an effort to put a road funding plan on the November ballot and instead will try again with a proposal it will advocate to lawmakers next year. read more >

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