Dan Cushman Sales Job Helps Turn Around PAM Transport

Dan Cushman Sales Job Helps Turn Around PAM Transport
Dan Cushman, president and CEO of PAM Transport, at his office in Tontitown: “I have to focus on what we do and do it well.” | (Photo by Brooke McNeely Galligan)

Dan Cushman no longer has to ask his accountants if PAM Transport Inc. of Tontitown has made money this month. Now, he said, he gets to ask the much more fun question of how much money the company made. The trucking company's current financial health stands in stark contrast to those dark months that made up 2008-09.
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PAM Drivers Free To Run Their Mouth

Here's a little anecdote from PAM Transport Inc. CEO Dan Cushman that we didn't have room for in the print version of the article that appears here.
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Little Rock Land Eyed for FedEx Center Sold for $3.4M

Development of a 311,684-SF FedEx Corp. distribution center is officially in motion in southwest Little Rock near the northwest corner of Alexander and Loop roads.
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