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Assistant Website Project Manager

The Assistant Website Project Manager must have work experience related to the development of Internet web sites or equivalent educational training combined with work experience. The Assistant must be proficient in the use of the MS Office Suite, have experience using an HTML editor, have knowledge of digital art utilized in web site designs, and have excellent organizational and communication skills.

Primary Duties:
The Assistant Website Project Manager works under the direct supervision of a project Producer, Senior Producer, or Executive Producer to coordinate website designs and production, and may work with supervision to independently organize and manage the production of websites. As directed by the project Producer, the Assistant may communicate with clients, assist with project organization, manage aspects of projects, and will maintain records, client files, and billing information. The Assistant will also provide clerical support and perform various tasks as may be assigned from time to time.

Responsibilities include but not limited to the following:
? Project management including: project organization, scheduling, progress tracking, and organizing website content; maintain billing records, client FTP permissions, domain registrations, server requirements, proofing web sites; transmitting, tracking and receiving client sign-off sheets, and other tasks as directed.
? With supervision and/or independently manages existing and new sales, and aids in developing project descriptions, pricing, and scope of work analyses.
? Responds to and follows-up on client?s web site problems.
? Provides support and prepares for client meetings including, but not limited to: preparing conference room and post meeting cleanup, organizing printed materials, organizing and obtaining food and beverages as needed.
? Schedules and attends (as required) staff and client meetings.
? Receives and responds to client communications.
? Performs research as directed by Producer(s) or independently as required.
? Organizes and makes minor revisions to web sites through the use of HTML editors; edit and update client database content as required.
? Assists project Producer(s) with supervision, manages monthly web site updates: organizes and maintains web site update tracking, billing, and execution.
? Coordinates and works with design department support staff to maintain proper job numbers and identification, production time tracking codes and records, project processing sheets and progress records, and assist with other project and client information systems and records.
? Performs all other tasks and duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Aristotle employees work together as a team to insure that all work is performed with the highest level of quality. All Aristotle, Inc. employees are to respect the work of other Aristotle employees and to maintain courteous, professional attitudes. Employees are personally responsible for reading and following policies as noted in, but not limited to, the Aristotle?s Employee Handbook or other office memo?s brought to the attention of the employee.

Aristotle employees may be required to complete assigned tasks within a specific time and are required to execute these tasks accordingly. Employees may be assigned work that takes them out of the office or that occurs at non-standard business hours.

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