Customer Service Representative


Customer Service Representative

The Customer Service Representative works with the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and the Chief Technical Officer (or their designee) to ensure that client accounts for Aristotle?s ISP services accounts are maintained at the highest level of quality and efficiency, creates billing accounts for new connectivity and hosting clients, receives and records monies paid for services, and performs specific account management duties on accounts that become past due. The Customer Service employee represents the company to all clients and potential clients with professionalism and courtesy with the intent to insure customer satisfaction.

Job Duties

? Responds to client?s questions about billing, receives and posts payments made, updates account information, directs customer?s technical questions and problems associated with connectivity to technical support and confirms call follow-up, relays customer complaints that cannot be handled at the Customer Service level to immediate supervisor.
? When fully trained, will have a working knowledge of all ISP products and will respond to sales information questions. Additionally, will develop an understanding of all other services offered by Aristotle, Inc and will be able to respond to minimal questions related to all Aristotle products and services.
? Adds new dial-up, wireless, email, or other accounts to the billing system.
? Proactively assists with incoming calls when system failures result in higher than normal customer calls.
? Checks voice mail for messages left overnight or while away from the desk, notes customer requests, returns calls as need, or responds via email as appropriate.
? Retrieves email received at the following Aristotle accounts: info@, elvismail@, and wsii@. Noting customer requests as stated in retrieved email, and carry out those requests. Follows up with return calls or return email as required to insure customer?s needs are met.
? Responds to tech support questions but only if trained or received instructions for the issue to be addressed.
? Confirms Wireless service areas when customers inquire about broadband service and or redirect calls to Broadband sales; follows up with email to appropriate department advising about the call received and action taken.
? Adds or removes ?aliased? (forwarded) email account information from billing as may be requested by a client, producer, or email systems staff.
? Aids staff with monthly invoice processing.
? Scans ISP account reports and takes appropriate action on accounts that are past due, which may include contacting past due client.
? Communicates with potential clients to inform them about all Aristotle services as may be appropriate to the person inquiring.

General Duties

Performs general office tasks including: filing, copying, assisting with main switchboard duties, and other tasks as may be assigned by Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Operating Officer.

Additional Duties

Based on workload and time to perform tasks, this individual may be assigned duties and or to assist with the work of other departments.


Must have minimum of a high school diploma and two years of college, preferably in the area of business management or computer skills. Individual must have a working knowledge of Windows and MS Office, good communication skills, telephone etiquette, and must be able to maintain a positive attitude at all times when dealing with customers. Three (3) years of Customer Service or related experience is preferred but not required.

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