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Nationally recognized company in Little Rock, AR is seeking an Administrator as follows:
A UNIX server administrator is needed to be part of a team developing and supporting new and existing UNIX environments. This individual will provide system administration, configuration, disaster recovery, troubleshooting, and other support for all UNIX environments...

The applicant will be required to provide support in a dynamic environment, with a focus on problem determination/resolution and performance tuning. The applicant must be an effective self-starter and team player in a highly visible and technically challenging department.

Job Duties (including but not limited to):
? Configure, deploy, manage and support complex Aix and Linux enterprise environments.
? Participate in the design, planning, and component selection of complex AIX and Linux environments.
? Contribute to developing UNIX standard configuration, process, procedure, and best practices documentation and policies.
? Stay current with technical developments in your area of expertise.
? Work closely with various lines of business within the organization to ensure the quality and delivery of assigned task(s) and project(s).
? Create and maintain architecture and high-level design documentation.

Job Requirements:
? 2-4 years experience working with AIX or other UNIX/Linux operating systems on System-P hardware.
? Experience installing and configuring complex AIX, UNIX/Linux, and VMware enterprise environments on System-P hardware.
? Experience installing and configuring complex GPFS enterprise environments on AIX and Linux.
? Experience installing and configuring complex F5 BIP enterprise environments.
? Experience configuring, deploying, and maintaining LPAR(s), ESX VM(s), VIOS, IVM, HMC(s) and BladeCenter(s).
? Performance tuning UNIX and HA environments experience.
? Experience configuring UNIX security settings.
? Proficiency using systems administration tools and applications.
? Good knowledge of network/distributed computing environment concepts: host routing tables, fundamental TCP/IP protocols and DNS.
? Korn/Bash shell and/or Perl scripting language.
? Understanding of SAN connectivity concepts.
? Understanding of LDAP, NFS, SSH, SMTP and SSL concepts.
? Disciplined and logical approach to problem solving.
? Ability to effectively convey and articulate requirements to both technical and non-technical staff and clients.
? Competent written and verbal communication skills.
? Ability to concurrently manage multiple projects.
? Willingness to mentor and contribute to the development of less seasoned AIX and Linux administrators.
? Ability to work in and contribute to a team atmosphere.

Interested Candidates please send resumes to admin@premierstaffinginc.com

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