RF Design Engineer


Radio Frequency Design Engineer needed to plan, design, optimize, and maintain wireless base station network. Experienced with multiple technologies including LTE, CDMA/EVDO, and GSM/UMTS. Experience with deploying advanced data networks a plus ? LTE.

Duties and Responsibilities
Design wireless networks using propagation modeling tools
Optimize wireless networks using traffic monitoring tools and statistics
Plan and forecast wireless network capacity and implement most cost-effective solutions
Lead technical support for wireless network RFPs
Technical support and oversight for solution assessments and troubleshooting
Create and complete multiple internal work flows to build sites, modify antennas, and other projects
Support E911 group with providing RF related information for Base Station Almanac (BSA)
Attend weekly cross functional meetings to discuss project plans and status with the team

Minimum Qualifications:
Minimum 5 years wireless design experience (i.e. CDMA, EVDO, GSM, LTE, UMTS)
Minimum 3 years capacity planning experience
Minimum 3 years experience with propagation modeling
Fundamental understanding of the physics behind RF wave propagation theory
Ability to apply RF math concepts to perform power link budget
Critical thinking and troubleshooting skills to assess and correct issues in the field
Excellent communication, presentation, and collaboration skills
Experience working on DAS solutions for PCS/Cellular/AWS/LTE
Bachelor''s degree in Engineering/related field or equivalent professional level experience

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