Website Design Assistant Producer


Website Design Assistant Producer

Job Summary: The Website Design Producer Assistant is responsible for website design and production under the direction and supervision of Website Design Producer and/or Executive Producer. This position is also responsible for assisting with project organization and management, maintaining records and client files, and keeping billing information, as directed.

Job Functions:
  • Organizes, schedules and tracks website production and website content.

  • Maintains billing records and client project sign-off.

  • Gathers and implements with appropriate staff and client FTP permissions, Domain registrations, Domain Name Service requirements, server and/or hosting requirements.

  • Manages new and existing client projects aiding in project description development, project pricingW and project scope of work analysis as assigned by Website Design Producer and/or Executive Producer.

  • Facilitates client meetings including scheduling, pre- and post-meeting room preparation and cleanup, preparation of printed materials, and acquiring food and beverages as needed.

  • Attends staff and client meetings as directed by Website Design Producer and/or Executive Producer.

  • Makes minor revisions to websites through the use of HTML editors including content and database updates.

  • Manages job and/or task assignment workload and time utilizing the project management system (AtTask) for monthly website updates, update tracking, billing and site execution.

  • Meets with Development and Art staff and utilizes the project management software (AtTask) and other tools to insure the maintenance of proper job numbers and identifications, production time tracking codes and records, project processing sheets and progress records.

  • Proofs websites for content and function errors.

  • Maintains understanding of current Web technologies and marketing initiatives through personal research, staff seminars, continuing education and reading or participating in professional conferences or workshops.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to use project management and/or billing software.

  • Skill in using HTML editors.

  • Knowledge of website design and development.

  • Knowledge of current Web design and development trends.

  • Knowledge in general Internet aspects such as Domain Registration, DNS, Email, FTP, etc.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to use AtTask or similar project management software.

  • Knowledge of open-source operating systems and management tools such as Drupal, WordPress, etc.

  • Skill in website page layout and design.

Minimum Qualifications:
The formal education equivalent of an Associate degree in Web Design, Web Graphic Design or related field, or 2 years of experience in Web design and development or project management.

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