Program Eligibility Specialist


The Program Eligibility Specialist is responsible for obtaining client information, preparing and monitoring case plans, coordinating services with providers, and preparing information and recommendations.

This Position:
- Reviews referrals for services and interviews applicants and/or family members to explain eligibility requirements, form completion requirements, and community resources.
- Requests information to determine client eligibility or needs and forwards requests for approval to appropriate staff in accordance with established procedures.
- Provides information regarding resources, assistance, and services available to applicant and may visit with client and family members in their homes to determine client needs and provide family and/or parent behavior modification counseling.
- Schedules initial intake conference with client and/or family members, following eligibility determination, to obtain written and oral information regarding psychiatric, psychological, medical background, financial status, and other previous professional recommendations.
- Evaluates requests and professional findings, in accordance with policies and procedures, and initiates procedures to grant, modify, deny, or terminate eligibility for assistance with recommendations and options for services, referring client to alternative sources, or preparing additional requests for evaluation and assistance.
- Writes individualized plan of care and contacts participating private and public service providers for assistance.
- Interprets policy and ensures compliance with state and federal laws, regulations, legal mandates, action plans, and policies.
- May serve as a liaison to other divisions and agencies to develop policies and procedures for community-based programs.
- Performs other duties as assigned.

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor's degree in psychology, sociology, or a related field.


Closing date: February 7, 2014


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