Energy Modeling/Commissioning


Primary Responsibilities:
- Provide energy simulation modeling utilizing eQuest, Trane Trace 700, and other modeling software
- Provide additional modeling of daylight, thermal heat loss, and other building systems
- Provide Measurement and Verification services associated with local and national protocols
- Provide New Construction and Existing Building Commissioning

Desired Professional Attributes:
- ASHRAE BEMP certification is preferred
- Understanding of MEP systems and the ability to develop or review detailed energy models, energy audits, and building performance metrics
- Strong computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office suite, CAD, BIM, Revit, Photoshop
- Experience with high-performance building projects such as Energy Star, LEED, etc.
- Engineering experience related to design, installation, and testing of MEP systems

Required Professional Skills:
- Application of architectural and MEP systems to a building energy model
- At least two completed energy modeling projects that comply with USGBC LEED credit requirements
- Minimum 3 years engineering experience specializing in design, installation, and testing of commercial HVAC systems
- Knowledge of various government programs related to building, e.g. EPACT, EPA Energy Star
- Technical understanding of common MEP engineering building codes and standards

Desired Personal Attributes:
- Positive attitude
- Good interpersonal skills
- Ability to work as part of a team
- Strong work ethic
- Well organized
- Self motivated and professional
- Strong ability to materialize ideas
- Multi-Tasker
- Attention to detail
- Personally working to limit carbon footprint

Education Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent in related subject matter
Position Details:
- Salary dependent on experience
- Medical, dental, and vision insurance available
- 401k available

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