Registered Nurse Coordinator


The Registered Nurse Coordinator is responsible for coordinating public health programs and nursing services in a multi-county area.

This position:
- Supervises a large professional nursing staff by interviewing and recommending for candidates for hire, assigning and reviewing special projects, training staff or arranging training opportunities, and evaluating the performance of incumbents.
- Participates in the planning and directing of public health programs by developing goals and objectives.
- Disseminates and interprets the laws, policies, and procedures governing the program.
- Monitors, evaluates, and revises the program or delivery of the program as needed.
- Provides administrative and clinical assistance for the program, and coordinates the provision of program services with other health care disciplines.
- Coordinates nursing services by monitoring and evaluating nursing and patient care activities, staff levels, reports, case histories, and quality control activities.
- Determines work priorities and assigns personnel.
- Performs administrative duties by reviewing and analyzing program data and compiling and preparing reports and correspondence.
- Determines and monitors nursing contracts.
- Identifies in-service training needs, locates training resources, and monitors training budget.
- May perform nursing functions as needed.
- Performs other duties as assigned.
- Frequent in-state travel is required.

Licensed as a Registered Nurse by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing in accordance with ACA 17-87-301, plus four years of experience in nursing, including two years of supervisory experience as a nurse in public health.

Closing date: January 28, 2014

Position number: 22101807


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