Commercial Property Manager


Job Description Summary:
This is a responsible position accountable to protect, maintain, and enhance the value of commercial real estate assets in order to maximize the owner’s financial return and for the benefit of the tenants, consumers and the community. This is accomplished by direction and coordination of the operational activities, leasing and marketing. This property manager represents the property owner to tenants, related professionals, vendors, and the public.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Review monthly operating reports for each property and notify owner of any variance from budgeted expenses.
2. Prepare annual budgets for each property.
3. Maintain and review annual insurance per property – responsible for claims reporting.
4. Follow up on all delinquencies.
5. Conduct property inspections and follow up on maintenance issues.
6. Work with property attorney and owner on tenants in default.
7. Promote positive community relations.
8. Approve expenditures
9. Maintain appearance of all vacant spaces for showing to prospects.
10. Coordinate leasing activity with brokerage OR personally handle all leasing.
11. Negotiate leases and renewals.
12. Monitor tenant’s insurance requirements per the lease.
13. Monitor lease expirations and maintain communication with tenants.
14. Obtain bids for service and maintenance work, and provide supervision of all work.
15. Available 24/7 for on-call rotation.
16. Effectively handle building occupants’ needs, manage maintenance staff and outside service providers.
17. Possess knowledge of environmental issues.
18. Oversee maintenance, cleaning, security, heating and air conditioning systems and grounds maintenance.
19. Investigate all reports of accidents, vandalism or property damage, recommend action, and where appropriate, submit claims to insurance agent.
20. Develop an operating plan to correct any deferred maintenance items that may exist.
21. Analyze existing service contracts and recommend changes where appropriate.
22. Supervise general construction and renovations in the facilities.
23. Read and evaluate financial statements as well as prepare and execute operating budgets.
24. Negotiate contracts for landscaping, janitorial service, parking lot cleaning, ice and snow removal, maintenance of HVAC equipment, waste removal, pest service, plant service and all other required services.
25. Handle contacts with vendors and contractors. Ensure that all requested work is scheduled and completed in a timely and efficient manner.
26. Carry the requisite amount of car insurance coverage ($300k combined single limit of liability for Bodily Injury or Property Damage to a third party).
27. Maintain a valid driver’s license that is unrestricted other than for vision correction.


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