Major Job Duties / Responsibilities:
• Confer with customers in order to determine how materials can be tailored to suit their needs.
• Conduct research into the structures and properties of materials, such as metals, polymers in order to obtain
information that could be used to develop new products or enhance existing ones.
• Prepare reports of materials study findings for the use of other engineers and requestors.
• Devise testing methods to evaluate the effects of various conditions on particular product.
• Determine ways to strengthen or combine materials, or develop new materials for use in a variety of products and
• Recommend materials for reliable performance in various environments.
• Test individual parts and products in order to ensure that manufacturer and governmental quality and safety
standards are met.
• Visit suppliers of materials or users of products in order to gather specific information.
• Apply principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to the design, development and production of various
• Makes key methods, design, equipment and layout decisions in an effort to produce a quality product that is
efficient and cost effective.
• Will keep CEO informed of key decisions and recommendations.
• This position requires a high degree of independent and creative thinking.
• Must draw upon knowledge of mathematics, engineering sciences, supervision and behavioral sciences to
function as a problem solver, innovator and coordinator of new, improved equipment, processes and methods.
• Must analyze operating procedures/processes and equipment to develop safe, efficient and cost-effective
methods that conform to company quality/cost standards.
• Design and direct the testing and/or control of processing procedures.
• Determine appropriate methods for fabricating and joining materials.
• Evaluate technical specifications and economic factors relating to process or product design objectives.
• Monitor material performance and evaluate material deterioration.
• Perform managerial functions such as preparing proposals and budgets, analyzing costs, and writing reports.
• Interact with various functional areas including: Manufacturing, Distribution, Accounting, Production Control,
Purchasing, Quality and the various engineering groups, Supply Chain, Sales and Customer Service
• Must work effectively with and gain the confidence of all levels of management, shop floor operations and outside
• Plan and modify product configurations to meet customer needs.
• Confer with customers and engineers to assess equipment needs, and to determine system requirements.
• Collaborate with sales teams to understand customer requirements, to promote the sale of company products,
and to provide sales support.
• Secure and renew orders and arrange delivery.
• Develop, present, or respond to proposals for specific customer requirements, including request for proposal
responses and industry-specific solutions.
• Sell products requiring extensive technical expertise and support for installation and use, such as material
handling equipment, numerical-control machinery, and computer systems.
• Recommend improved materials or machinery to customers, documenting how such changes will lower costs or
increase production.
• Provide technical and non-technical support and services to clients or other staff members regarding the use,
operation, and maintenance of equipment
• Evaluate, develop and implement automated equipment, jigs, fixtures and manufacturing process company-wide.
• Serve as Project Leader for facility build-outs, enhancements and retrofits of products.
• Perform various operating cost analysis to identify and justify cost reduction opportunities.
• Recommend company-wide capital equipment needs for annual budgets.
• Track operating trends of equipment and processes using access reports and other business systems.
• Assist in-house engineering with establishment of new equipment maintenance procedures.
• Evaluate, develop and implement company-wide process and equipment standards.
• Prioritizing and scheduling work assignments for department.
• Other Duties as Assigned

Major Tasks:
• Must have good analytical skills. Must be creative and resourceful when determining solutions to operational
problems, to keep operations running smoothly with little downtime (e.g., monitoring material availability with
production schedules, working closely with scheduling to ensure realistic and efficient schedules.
• Must meet customers requirements at the lowest possible cost
• Must analyze available data to identify improvements for maximum output and efficiency
• Must develop and recommend new production techniques, processes and equipment enhancements
• Must develop long term strategy to meet continually changing customer demands
• Must be proactive and develop procedures and methods that will exceed current standards (e.g., analyze
production issues, develop and/or create new production techniques, and make recommendations for
• Must plan and implement self-development (e.g., researches new technology, attends training, bench marks with
other companies, and other production professionals
• Must be self directed and team oriented
• Must interface and communicate with other departments (e.g., Safety, Production, Sales etc.)
• Works with all areas of production to facilitate production flow, information, and adherence to production
standards and quality processes.
• Staffing requirements for shift (e.g., hiring, disciplinary actions, termination’s)

Experience Required
BS, IE/EE/ME, or equivalent experience
Project Management 5-8 years
Process Standards Development 5-8 years
Facilities/Production/Equipment Layouts/Drawings 5-8 years
PLC/Cost Logic development, 5-8 years
Cost Reduction, Process/Equipment Justification, 5-8 years
Manufacturing/Business Planning Systems, 5-8 years
PC Proficient (Database, CAD, Microsoft office) 5- 8 years

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