Licensed Master Social Worker


The Licensed Master Social Worker is responsible for providing counseling and crisis intervention for families of patients in need of rehabilitative care.

This position:
- Provides assistance to Licensed Certified Social Worker, by offering consultation concerning specific requests, explaining laws and regulations, and monitoring certification standards.
- Performs a lead role in coordinating predetermined work assignments of co-workers and/or subordinate employees, by communicating prioritization of activities and project deadlines.
- Develops program plans by determining goals and objectives, assessing programs, and making recommendations for policy and procedure changes in conjunction with other staff.
- Conducts individual group counseling sessions to increase client self-esteem and to aid client's social, emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing.
- Refers clients to other sources of help, monitors client's progress, writes release summaries, and notifies appropriate personnel.
- Testifies in court concerning client's compliance with court order and psychiatric stability.
- Prepares and maintains reports, including logs of daily progress of patients, quality assurance records, documentation of sessions, and case work records.
- Performs other duties as assigned.

The formal education equivalent of a master's degree in psychology, sociology, social work, or related field. Licensed as a Master Social Worker by the Arkansas Social Work Licensing Board as required by ACA 17-103-306.

Position number: 22155451

Closing date: March 23, 2014


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