Estimator I (2354-376)


Uses computer technology and mathematical skill to prepare an estimation of the amount of materials needed for the construction of a home in accordance with Company policies.


  1. Estimates the amount of materials needed for home construction according to company policy and local building code.

  2. Assists salesmen as needed with customer orders and materials lists.

  3. Assists in trim take-offs as requested.

  4. Provides assistance to contractors as needed.

  5. Trains sales representatives in estimating techniques.

  6. Assist sales staff with blueprint reading and construction procedures.

  7. Review actual vs. estimated materials on completion of each project.

  8. Works on sales/ hardware counter as assigned.

  9. Control expenditures to conform to company budgetary requirements.

  10. Other duties as assigned by location management.


  1. Minimum education required—Technical Degree in engineering or related area.

  2. Minimum experience required—2 or more years of construction and building materials related experience.

  3. Special skills required—Ability to read blueprints and other technical materials. Ability to interpret building plans in diagram form and deal with abstract and concrete variables. Ability to operate networked computer systems and specialized software application programs and to instruct others in effective use of application software. Must have excellent oral communication skills and positive interpersonal skills.

  4. Special Knowledge required—Understanding of measurements and basic math principles.

  5. Other--as assigned.

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