Residential Care Shift Coordinator


The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) is the state's largest agency with 8,200 employees working in 181 county offices serving more than one million people. Employees work in 10 major divisions and five support offices to provide services to Arkansas citizens. DHS is currently seeking a to fill the position of Residential Care Shift Coordinator in Conway, AR.

The Residential Care Shift Coordinator is responsible for ensuring proper staffing of shifts and for monitoring cottage and facility operations. This position:

Provides supervisory guidance to employees by establishing work plans, timeframes and/or deadlines, staff assignments, and resolving difficult or complex problems. Monitors reporting shift for proper staffing and may call in off-duty personnel or personnel from other teams to ensure proper coverage. Inspects cottages periodically to monitor client care, observe workers, monitor documentation and check for proper security, safety hazards, and boiler operation. Audits cottage records periodically to ensure proper documentation and compliance with program requirements. Participates in searches for runaways and may contact police and/or parents. Monitors ill clients in cottage by taking vital signs and informing medical staff of condition/progress. May assist other staff members in controlling ill or injured clients. Transports ill or injured clients to clinic or hospital as necessary and may contact parents/guardians regarding the health status of the client. Conducts tours of cottages as necessary. Performs other duties as assigned.

The formal education equivalent a high school diploma; plus two years of college coursework in special education, psychology, sociology, social work, or related field; plus two years of work experience in residential patient care for individuals with developmental disabilities. Must possess valid a Arkansas driver's license.

Position number: 22098904

Closing date: June 08, 2014


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