Adult Protective Services


The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) is the state's largest agency with 8,200 employees working in 181 county offices serving more than one million people. Employees work in 10 major divisions and five support offices to provide services to Arkansas citizens. DHS is currently seeking to fill the position of Adult Protective Services Worker in Murfreesboro, AR.

The Adult Protective Services (APS) Worker is responsible for investigating reports of adult maltreatment involving adults 18 and older in accordance with ACA 12-12-1701 et.Seq. This position:

Investigates complaints called into the Adult Maltreatment Hotline by conducting in-depth interviews with victim, alleged perpetrator, family members, neighbors, medical personnel, social workers, clergy, emergency medical workers, law enforcement and others regarding reported allegations.
Completes research to confirm victim eligibility for public programs and other assistance.
Identifies, recommends, negotiates, refers, and secures least restrictive living arrangement for victim.
Determines need for protective custody, removes victim from danger, secures home, prepares court affidavit, secures financial information, and testifies at court hearings.
Acts as custodian for adult wards of the state, advocates to ensure client rights, prepares court reports, and testifies at annual review hearings.
Completes comprehensive documentation of investigation results and other case management activities, enters information into APS database, and completes investigations.
Assures continuous access to APS by providing on call coverage.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Work after normal hours may be required to staff Adult Maltreatment Hotline.

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor's degree in, social work, sociology, psychology or a related field; plus one year of experience in interviewing and investigating impaired adults or related area.

Position number: 22109185

Closing date: June 16, 2014


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