Loan Specialist


Primary duties include:
• Processing loan documents – As needed
o Record and maintain a file of loan committee meeting
o Order documentation as needed (title searches, etc.)
o Prepare pre-loan packages for USDA as needed
o Prepare loan documents for closing
o Communicate with Administration around any checks needed for loan closing
o Build and maintain loan files
o Document and maintain loans in DownHome
o Maintain physical files
o Prepare loan declination letters

• Audit loan files
o Audit each loan file at least once each year
o Document in DownHome that file was audited, date and any problems/needs
o Update and maintain DownHome tickler
o Email the appropriate Management Consultant and Manager

• Manage DownHome
o Post Payments
o Post new loans
o Post updates to loan file in DownHome
o Post all documents with timelines in DownHome tickler system
o Assist in keeping DownHome updated and current including:
 Enrollments
 Surveys
 Other Impact
 Pipeline
o Document all reports from staff around monitoring

• Draft payments via ACH each month (draft on 15th of each month)

• Review Pipeline reports weekly and keep updated
o DownHome pipeline report
o Dropbox pipeline report updated based on DH update

• Pull credit reports
o Logging those into TS

• Email loan applications to clients as needed
o Entering into DownHome Pipeline

• USDA Pre-Loan Application Packages

• Arrange Client Advisory Board meetings
o Contact Client Advisors to schedule

• Reporting (External)
o Update SBA as loans closed and/or monthly and quarterly
o Update USDA monthly/quarterly
o Assist with other reporting required by funders

• Documenting Process
o Read and understand regulations and requirements for each loan program – IRP, SBA Micro, RMAP and others
o Read and understand alt.Consulting Loan Policies and Procedures

• Develop a detailed Procedures manual

Reports (internal - determine frequency)
• Delinquency (just to check and verify)
• Compare DH/TS
• Surveys
• Fund Maturity
• Transactions
• Portfolio Report (excel)

• Marketing is an important part of this position. As we work through the training we will develop a marketing strategy that includes:
o Outreach
o Telling our story
o Online marketing
o Other.

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