Public Safety Officer


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Deadline for first consideration is August 1, 2014.

The Public Safety Officer works under general supervision and is responsible for the enforcement of traffic and criminal laws and parking regulations. T he position is governed by law enforcement standards, state and federal laws, and agency/institution policy. Specifically, the job assignment includes, but is not limited to:
1. Patrols assigned areas to detect and prevent crimes, enforce traffic laws, recognize parking violations, issue traffic citations, and identify safety hazards and violators.
2. Performs security checks of campus buildings.
3. Conducts investigations of crimes, accidents, and reports incidents committed on campus.
4. Directs traffic during periods of high density to facilitate smooth flow.
5. Arrests violators, writes incident reports, and testifies in court, as required.
6. Responds to alarms, calls for assistance, checks for locked or unlocked buildings and offices as necessary, and assists stranded motorists and others in need of assistance.
7. Monitors security and fire panel for security and fire detection, assists with checking the alarm systems and emergency power supply, and inspects and maintains fire extinguishers.
8. Performs related responsibilities as required or assigned.

• Knowledge of traffic laws, rules and regulations for security.
• Knowledge of general law enforcement methods and techniques.
• Ability to direct traffic and to maintain order.
• Ability to prepare reports of incidents and accidents.
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
• Ability to operate motor vehicles used in patrol duties.

Occasional exposure to hazardous situations. The work schedule is a rotating shift.

• The formal education equivalent of a high school diploma.
• Certified law enforcement officer.
• Must possess a valid Arkansas driver’s license.
• Pass a physical agility test. Background and credit check required.

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