Stone & Ward*

City: Little Rock
Category: Arkansas Community Foundation's Outstanding Philanthropic Corporations
Year: 2001

As one of the state's largest advertising, marketing and public relations firms, Stone & Ward of Little Rock easily could be excused if its nonprofit and volunteer record were average. Who could fault a successful business for putting all its time and energy on more lucrative projects?

But Stone & Ward, headed by the husband-wife team of Larry Stone and Millie Ward, has excelled even while pausing to donate time, money and resources to central Arkansas charities.

Now in its 17th year, the agency, with capitalized billings of about $35 million, has spent the last five years contributing $1.3 million in pro bono work and more than $150,000 in cash to charities and nonprofit groups. In the past year, Stone & Ward has helped Arkansas Sheriffs' Boys and Girls Ranches Inc., Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Downtown Partnership, Mount St. Mary's Academy, the United Way and others.

"We believe this work is some of our most important for the impact it can have on all of us," Ward said.

Stone & Ward's creative team creates logos, ad campaigns, banners, T-shirts and other materials, and the public relations department produces news releases and plans and coordinates events. In many cases, Stone & Ward bears the printing costs for creative work.

Stone & Ward encourages its employees to join boards and volunteer. The company's "big idea committee" selects one volunteer project each year for employee involvement.

Stone & Ward's work hasn't gone unnoticed. Jimmy Moses of Moses Tucker of Little Rock said, "Stone & Ward have been tremendous 'givers' to our community for the 20 years I have known them. They are most deserving of this award."

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