Communications Development Inc.

City: Little Rock
Category: Category I (1-25 Employees)
Year: 2001

In 11 short years, Communications Development Inc. of Little Rock has grown from an upstart advertising agency operating out of a small home office to one that has recorded more than $5 million in sales in each of the last two years.

Started by Trish Groves in 1990 with an $8,000 bank loan, Communications Development now has 12 employees and has worked for some of the biggest names in the transportation industry, including Covenant Transport, Maverick Transportation, Fikes Truck Line, CalArk Trucking and Atlas Van Lines.

The company's exclusive work with one industry has not impeded its growth. And the agency has weathered the tough economy and now has 35 clients nationwide.

The agency continues to impress its clients. Deane Sager, vice president of safety and development for Paschall Truck Lines, always preferred having two ad agencies to "keep them honest." But Communications Development exceeded expectations, and within 14 months of doing business with the agency, Paschall signed Communications Development as its only agency of record.

Groves said she attributes much of the agency's success to personal relationships and a policy of keeping her word. To keep creative fresh, the agency works hard to regard each client as an individual with unique needs, thereby taking advantage of each clients' strengths, Groves said.

Groves, whose husband Larry joined the company in 1998 as vice president of operations, also said uncompromised quality and service; growth due to client referrals; an efficient, quality operation; and a staff of creative, talented people have kept Communications Development on top.

Now the agency is looking to its future, planning to diversify and use its expertise in employment recruitment marketing for industries outside of transportation, especially health care.

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