Marcus Devine


Wilkes & McHugh

Little Rock

Marcus Devine

Little Rock native Marcus Devine began his legal career in government work but is now pursuing his original goal of being a litigator.

Devine, 29, earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Arkansas State University in 1992 and a law degree from Dickinson School of Law at Pennsylvania State University in 1997.

Fresh out of law school, he worked for Gov. Mike Huckabee as regulatory liaison to the state Banking, Insurance, Securities, Workers’ Compensation and Environmental Quality departments. In early 1999, he accepted a position as deputy director of the Department of Human Services.

In March 2000, however, he left government service to become an associate in the Little Rock office of Florida law firm Wilks & McHugh, which specializes in representing nursing home patients and their families in tort cases.

“I enjoyed government service thoroughly, and I am forever indebted to Gov. Huckabee ... but I went to law school to be a trial lawyer,” Devine said. “And when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t turn away. And it’s been everything I hoped for.”

A member of the North Little Rock Rotary Club, Devine is also a volunteer with the Boy Scout Council, working with boys to minimize their risk of being molested.