Lyle Douglas Foster


Hyden Miron & Foster

Little Rock

Lyle Douglas Foster

Lyle Foster, 32, has so many volunteer activities, one wonders when he has time to practice law, much less be recognized as one of the top 15 tax lawyers in the state.

An Eagle Scout originally from Pine Bluff, Foster joined the Little Rock law firm of Hyden Miron & Foster when it was formed in 1991 and became a partner at age 29. Yet he said his highest professional achievement “comes every time you get the desired result for the client.”

A graduate of Westminster College in Missouri who studied law at both the University of Arkansas and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Foster also holds an LLM in taxation from Southern Methodist University. He chose to practice tax law because “I just enjoy numbers and financial transactions.”

He was named the best continuing legal education speaker for the Arkansas Bar Association in 1997 and 1998 for seminars he presented on elder law. He was the Central Arkansas Legal Services attorney for the month in October 1998. He is on the boards of directors of Centers for Youth and Family and the Mary Belle Vance Scholarship for students attending Westminster College. He is a volunteer fund-raiser for Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s Kampaign for Kids.