Andy Murray

CEO and Co-Founder



Andy Murray

A breakfast meeting led to the merger of two companies united to specialize in custom marketing.

Andy Murray, 37, and Mike Thompson discovered that their firms, Brandworks and ThompsonEarnhardt, didn’t overlap and complemented one another by plugging holes the other needed filled.

“We pretty much laid out on a napkin at Jerry’s Restaurant how the merger would work,” Murray said.

Less than two years later, ThompsonMurray has expanded from 18 employees to 50 with revenue expected to jump 15 percent from last year’s $20 million. To boot, the firm plans to expand into Toronto, Chicago or Dallas within two years.

“Hands down, our success is because of our culture,” Murray said. “We work very differently than most firms — we don’t micromanage. We hire people smarter than us and get out of their way. We had to do a lot of recruiting nationwide, and our people later tell us that our firm is incredibly different because there is a team atmosphere. We really milk leadership qualities out of our people.”

ThompsonMurray develops Wal-Mart specific marketing programs for Procter & Gamble, General Electric and Kodak, a niche among Arkansas’ marketing and public relations firms, Murray said.