Sam Carrasquillo


SC Home, Ally Jade Investments, Canana Construction

Little Rock

Age: 34

Sam Carrasquillo

Sam Carrasquillo feels strongly that you’re doing it wrong if you practice that “business is business” philosophy. He said he treats people the way he wants to be treated because it’s the right thing to do.

That conviction goes beyond business too, as he and his 4-year-old daughter work with the homeless. The Puerto Rico native said he wants her to be aware of the struggle others go through, the same struggle he and his impoverished parents experienced years ago.

They moved to Arkansas when he was 16. Although Carrasquillo spoke very little English then, that didn’t stop him from mowing lawns. Mowing lawns led to painting houses, and that led to tile work, and that led to Carrasquillo buying his first rental property at age 18.

Carrasquillo said he “fell in love with real estate” but adapted when the market crashed during the Great Recession. He went door to door, selling roofs. In 2012, that business added windows and siding work to its repertoire.

Carrasquillo is especially passionate about his downtown properties, and he started a third business, Canana, to renovate them. Canana is named for his grandmother. He also said he likes that business because he enjoys seeing old, obsolete structures become like new again.