Jerry Fenter


Fenter Physical Therapy


Age: 38

Jerry Fenter

Jerry Fenter believes hard work and listening to the needs of eastern Arkansas’ people have led his 10-year-old business to success.

The Arkansas State University alum added: “It’s always been a No. 1 priority for us that, if we’re going to work in an area and serve people, then we need to be also on the front lines trying to make our community better from a leadership standpoint.”

That’s why Fenter has served on numerous boards and the company participates in so many local fundraisers.

The West Memphis native and his wife opened their first outpatient clinic, with just one employee, in Marion in 2007. They are now preparing to open a fifth clinic, in Helena, and will have more than 50 full-time employees by this summer, Fenter said.

He said developing a strong health care team in that underserved, rural region of the state was important too. Now there are Fenter clinics in West Memphis, Forrest City and Brinkley, plus a home health team that serves 10 counties.

Fenter said his own experience with physical therapy following a football-related ACL injury inspired him to pursue his career, as did his aunt, who was a physical therapist.