Jeston George

CEO & Founder


Little Rock

Age: 39

Jeston George

Jeston George joked that he became an entrepreneur because he “wasn’t a good employee.”

He also said building something from the ground up was appealing and he felt he could make a bigger impact that way.

Apptegy is George’s first tech venture. Growing the startup from two employees — himself and one developer — to more than 30 employees since 2015 is his greatest accomplishment thus far, he said. It now has over 260 clients, including 50 school districts in Arkansas.

Keeping its employees, shareholders and clients happy is its key to success, he said.

Apptegy provides schools with a system to deliver information simultaneously in every way they have to deliver it.

George said the idea took root after he noticed that, while his nephew’s school communicated negative news well, positive stories were being missed. “A lot of the time, that information doesn’t get shared, and the reason is that the people closest to the story aren’t the storytellers of the school district,” he said.

Apptegy gives those people the ability to post content through an app, pending an administrator’s approval, without going to the person running the website, the person running the email system and others.