Shash Goyal


I Square Management

Little Rock

Age: 35

Shash Goyal

Shash Goyal said he’s never really put together a resume because he’s always worked for himself. Born in India, he married and came to the United States looking to buy a business — “I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life” — and found opportunity in Stuttgart, where he bought his first hotel.

Goyal now owns 16 hotels in Arkansas, California and Tennessee and plans to open No. 17 in Bentonville and No. 18 in Fayetteville this year.

“I truly believe that hospitality comes from underneath,” he said. “It should be second nature. I love talking to people. I love interaction. That’s what attracted me to the hospitality business. At the same time, I also believe that we reserve the right to be better every day.”

Goyal is chairman of the Arkansas Parks, Recreation & Travel Commission and is on the boards of the Arkansas Hospitality Association and the University of Arkansas Foundation Fund. He also supports Our House and the Harmony Health Clinic.

Goyal’s father, a surgeon in India, is his hero. “He started from nothing and raised his family and became a very successful physician in a big community there. His family is his priority. That’s one of the things that I’m learning from him, that my family is my priority.”

Goyal loves Arkansas, calling it a “hidden jewel,” adding, “I also believe that if you keep working hard in this country, all your dreams will come true. I’m an immigrant, but my dreams are coming true.”