Eric Grant

Vice President of Finance

Maverick Transportation

North Little Rock

Age: 33

Eric Grant

It obviously doesn’t take Eric Grant long to make a good impression.

After graduating with an accounting degree from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Grant went to work for Hudson Cisne in Little Rock. Within a couple of years, Grant was a senior accountant and later became a manager.

One of his many clients was Maverick Transportation of North Little Rock. Four years ago, Maverick hired Grant to be its controller at age 29.

“I worked on a diverse group of clients in different industries, and Maverick was one of them,” Grant said. “Transportation was something I was always drawn to; it has always been interesting.”

Grant, who earned his MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock while at Hudson Cisne, said he enjoyed working as an accountant for a portfolio of clients. Working as an executive now for a single company is rewarding because of his hands-on responsibility in helping Maverick succeed. “I did not realize how much enjoyment there was on the other side of the fence,” Grant said. “What’s cool for me is being able to have a direct impact.”

Grant said working on Maverick’s account at Hudson Cisne made his transition to the private company much easier. “There were so many things I knew about Maverick when I went to work here that would have taken me three or four years to get up to speed on.”