Erin Hogue

Senior Manager, Northwest Arkansas Giving Program

Walmart Foundation


Age: 35

Erin Hogue

‘‘What I like most about my job is that I’m a part of something bigger than myself,” Erin Hogue said.

When she graduated from Ouachita Baptist University, Hogue went to a place where big things happen — Washington, D.C.

She earned her master’s degree in public affairs next and served U.S. Rep. Mike Ross as his finance director, scheduler and executive assistant before moving back to Arkansas so that her husband could attend law school here.

Hogue then went to work for the University of Arkansas. She was promoted while there and left as director of development in the Division of Student Affairs.

She was later named vice president of development for the Walton Arts Center, before landing at the Walmart Foundation, which had assets of $28.6 million as of January 2016. There she helps connect northwest Arkansas donors to causes that need their support.

Hogue said the toughest part of her current job is saying “no” because there is only so much the foundation can do and there are a lot of organizations doing great work.

She is most energized, she said, when she is constantly learning things and using her strengths and her skills to help others.