Ray Rayburn

Vice President of Operations

Clear Mountain Natural Spring Water Co.

Little Rock

Ray Rayburn

Ray Rayburn didn’t chart the job of delivering bottled water among his pathways to success. In fact, he returned from Alabama in October 1988 for love and part-time study at the University of Central Arkansas.

He took a route job for a fledgling Little Rock business to pay the bills. In the past dozen years, the 37-year-old from Blytheville has served as route manager, Little Rock plant manager and general manager before becoming vice president of operations for Clear Mountain Natural Spring Water Co., which serves 23,000 accounts in Little Rock and five other cities.

On the way, he earned a business administration degree from John Brown University.

“It’s been a great ride,” he said.

His years playing baseball and basketball at a Fayette, Ala., community college left him with a passion for coaching. He coaches youth baseball, youth basketball and youth soccer in Little Rock.

“I’ve learned through coaching the importance of teaching teamwork,” Rayburn said. “I saw that I could use my coaching tendencies in business. And I saw a lot better opportunity in the business world.”